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Our Strategy

Aucific Global Fund Strategy

We focus on delivering exceptional absolute returns with limited market exposure.

The fund employs a global macro investment style. The fund seeks to identify macro/corporate events where we anticipate a catalyst to unlock value. We strive to establish market direction following market-moving events and deploy capital at the inflection point to capture asymmetrical returns in the global capital markets.

We are mission-focused. We have clarity of our market edge. We operate in our circle of competence. 

Risk Management
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Liquid Markets. Diversified Investment Streams. Prudent Leverage.

We seek to manage risk in order to maximize on opportunities and improve our performance. Disciplined risk-taking and management are deeply integrated components of the fund.

The fund trades in multi-geographic, multi-asset classes and multi time-frame.

We believe a well-constructed portfolio upfront that avoid illiquid markets, operates in uncorrelated investment steams and prudent leverage taking will outperform in good markets and protect our client’s capital in difficult markets.


We place extreme emphasis and resources on proprietary risk models that seeks to further strengthen our risk management approach.



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Absolute Returns

We operate in our very own circle of competence as we seek to generate exceptional absolute returns for our clients. At AGF,  we apply a rigorous approach to differentiate between market exposure, manager skill, and dumb luck.


Investors' Alignment

We seek long term and win-win relationship with our clients. AGF is structured in a way where the partners have substantial net worth in the fund to ensure skin in the game alongside the investors. 

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